September 28, 2016

Our History

Trésmark was founded by Mark and Trestina Gilbert. Having worked in the investigative industry for nearly 20 years, Mark developed a passion for the field. That, coupled with a desire for entrepreneurship, led to a plan to build something that would not only serve other businesses, but be in a position to give back to the community as well. Having worked in business world for nearly 20 years herself, Trestina has built and managed multiple businesses, as well as corporate divisions, developing them into very successful entities within their respective fields.

Together, their combined experience formed a perfect team for the founding and development of Trèsmark. As Trèsmark’s President, Mark handles the oversight of investigative operations, as well as company growth, development and direction. As Vice President, Trestina handles the company financials, legal compliance and Human Resource functions.

Mark and Trestina have three children: Mekechnie, Zachary and Madison……not to mention five family dogs! Their oldest daughter MK (Mekechnie) is a business manager in her field. Zachary has a passion for playing the guitar and Madison loves competitive dance and showing dogs.

A question often asked and easily answered is “where did the name Trèsmark come from?” You’ve likely guessed the answer already. It was simply formed from Trestina’s nickname “Tres” and Mark’s name. While Mark regularly pokes fun at the fact that the translation means “Three Marks”, Trestina’s name did however come first in the title……so all is fair, right?

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